We are a group a friends that love Jesus passionately and long to share how His grace and mercy has changed our lives.  We do that through our ministry of music, prayer, and fellowship.


The Porta and Rodewald families met at a small church in Missoula, MT in 2013. After doing worship together for a season, God changed plans and the Porta’s moved back to Michigan and the Rodewald’s moved to Idaho. Knowing there was a greater purpose in their friendship, they prayed and believed they would do ministry together again. They received a phone call in 2017 inviting them to Big Ticket Worship Festival in Michigan. They had no equipment, no band name, just a heart to worship the Lord and gave a big yes. The night before the festival in the living room of the Porta’s home, they prayed about the name of their ministry. With all in agreement, Parallel Ministries was born marking the beginning of a dream becoming reality. The two “L’s” represent an equal balance of spirit and truth based off of the scripture John 4:23, “But the hour is coming and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him.” Months after the name was finalized, they noticed it carried more meaning and impact than they ever realized. A friend brought to their attention that the prefix “para” in Greek means “beside”. The word “el” means “God.” In Spanish, “para” means “for” and “el” means “him.”

Everything in this ministry points to God. He is always with us, guiding and leading in all that we do, and it is all for Him. Parallel Ministries wants to see people freed, healed and saved in Jesus name. In the short time we do have here, we want to make an eternal difference for the Glory of the Lord. All praise to Him.

Parallel worships and speaks at different retreats, conferences, and ministry events. They are currently working on their first album and God continues to open the door for opportunities to see the furthering of His kingdom through this ministry. “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” – 1 Corinthians 10:31.

Dan and Emily Rodewald

South Carolina southern boy, Dan, met Montana country girl, Emily, in 2008. On their second date, Dan started playing an old worship song on his guitar. Emily started singing along and they have been worshipping together ever since. Emily started writing worship songs at age ten and together they continue to write songs unto the Lord. In 2017, Parallel Ministries was birthed and their dream to see people freed, healed and saved in Jesus name became a reality. As they travel to different retreats, conferences, and ministry events, they find people hungry to encounter the Lord in the midst of worship and praise. Dan and Emily, along with their two sons George and Oliver, currently live in Coeur d’Alene, ID where they also help lead worship at Heart of the City Church. Dan, Emily, and the Parallel team are currently working on their first album. This is fully about God, people and the greater purpose of bringing heaven to earth. To Him be all the glory for ever and ever.


Zach and Kim met in high school in a small town in Northern Michigan. Together they navigated life as high schoolers as friends, until one day it developed into more. They shared a common love for people, good music and served together on their youth ministry team. The two married in 2010 and jumped into a life of adventure together. Knowing the call The Lord had placed on their lives, they submitted to Him and whatever He would have for them. In 2013, as a family of 3, they accepted a position at a church in Missoula, MT and uprooted from Northern Michigan. This is where they met Dan and Emily! Quickly the friendship grew and they began to feel more like family than friends. By the end of 2013, God had redirect the Portas and they moved back to Northern Michigan just before becoming a family of 4. Zach and Kim, along with their two girls Evyn and Ollie, currently live in Petoskey, MI were Zach works as the Worship Arts Director at their church. They are so grateful to be on this journey with the rest of the Parallel Fam! Loving God, loving people, engaging in authentic worship and excited to see where He leads.